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Prestige from quality

Objective and orientation development until 2020 that the company JAT is set to become a professional company manufacturing parts, motorcycle parts, automotive, industrial equipment and expand production to other sectors such as manufacturing printer parts, sewing machines, manufacture and assembly of electric cars and electric motorcycles which are mostly exported, creating jobs for about 500 workers

The company operates primarily in the areas of production parts, motorcycle parts, automotive, machining of industrial equipment and other mechanical products. Right from its inception, the company has determined to survive and grow, companies must build their own management model based on the most advanced integrated model of selective management of the joint venture company companies with 100% foreign capital so streamlined and more efficient, with the motto: stable high quality - delivery time to meet time zone - market leading businesses in the same industry for low cost most.

JAT is a strategic partner of Honda Vietnam, Vietnam PIAGGIO company and the company's satellite Honda Vietnam Company, provides the market approximately 2 million products automotive spare parts, motorcycle positive contribution to the goal of improving the localization rate and export products to countries in the region. 2014, despite the economic picture is rather bleak, but sales of JAT has reached about 5.9 million. This figure but not too big but has also shown somewhat effort, efforts 280 staff officers and the direction of leadership right company JAT.

With the orientation ensuring quality of products and services and in order to meet highest customer satisfaction, through the year, JAT has constantly improved, continuous integration of advanced science and technology to every product produced standards were achieved with the lowest cost. On the first 300 item parts and components are made from strict control materials, tools, equipment input to product finishing. Along the line, modern production department include: Factory cut-stamping machining, welding workshop (TIG, MIG, MAG), machining workshop facilities (CNC, hydraulic facilities, amenities sanga, specialized facilities ), drilling, taro, broaching, milling, pipe cutting parts, machining parts mold jig, and industrial equipment.

JAT is a Company of the units are assessed and ISO certified by Moody International Certification Bodies UKAS of United Kingdom-one of the group's leading certification in the world. Besides, the company also provides troboi JAT JICA of Japan has organized a team of knowledgeable experts and management fields especially in the field of mechanical processing and management standards such as ISO 9001 , ISO 14001, ISO / TS 16949, ... to help build the company JAT successfully advanced management system, to enhance the quality, status and image of JAT on the market. In addition, the Company also applies"5S program best practices in production" in order to eliminate uncertainty and irrational waste, rapidly solve problems arising